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Born in Kinston, North Carolina, Andréa Good was discovered drawing three-dimensional perspective designs at age three. Continuing her work in two and three-dimensional art forms through four decades, Andréa has expressed herself creatively in acrylic, watercolor, oil, pencil, white pencil on black board, ceramics and sculpture.

For the past 20 years, Andréa's work has focused on the Trompe L'oeil painting technique. Her "illusion art" murals, fine art paintings and sculpture grace numerous private homes and businesses on both coasts, from Malibu to Lake Tahoe and New England.

Andréa specializes in creating complex illusions on unusual and challenging surfaces, including curved, coiled, vented, textured, and those with compound angles. She also takes perfectly flat surfaces and makes them appear to expand into three-dimensional space. Her work is sophisticated and highly crafted, creating illusions that deceive the eye, perplex the mind, and delight the soul.

Andréa's education includes studies both in the US and Italy under such well known master artists as the Dimitroff's (apprentices of Diego Rivera), Pierre Finkelstein, Pascal Amblard, Nicola Vigini and Sean Crosby.

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Andréa Good ~ Fine Artist